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Royal Burgh of Selkirk and District Community Council

Monthly Minutes



File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
AGM draft minutes June 2023.pdf03 July 2023314kB
April 2023 draft minutes AP.pdf24 May 2023137kB
August 2023 draft Minutes.pdf21 August 2023218kB
December 2023 Minutes.pdf14 January 2024256kB
February 2023 Draft Minutes.pdf01 March 2023201kB
January 2023 Minutes 1.pdf92858.pdf26 February 2023157kB
July 2023 draft minutes .pdf18 July 2023188kB
June 2023 draft minutes AP.pdf03 July 2023147kB
March 2023 Draft Minutes AP.pdf09 April 2023191kB
May 2023 Draft Minutes AP2.pdf1021.pdf24 May 2023153kB
November 2023 Draft Minutes.pdf07 December 2023243kB
October 2023 Minutes.pdf22 November 2023242kB
Sept 2023 Minutes.pdf25 October 2023206kB
VPAG Minutes November 2023.pdf10 December 2023120kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2022 AGM Draft Minutes AP.pdf19 June 2023133kB
april 2022 draft minutes ap.doc30 January 2023134kB