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Royal Burgh of Selkirk and District Community Council

Community Council Elections 2022

10 valid nominations were received, and, since there are 12 places on the Council, no ballot was required.

Members of the new community council are:

  1. Dr Alisdaire Lockhart
  2. Mr Alistair Pattullo
  3. Mr Andrew Murray
  4. Mr David Playfair
  5. Mr Fiennes Edward Strang Steel
  6. Mr Grant Kinghorn
  7. Mr Ian King
  8. Mr John Hawkins
  9. Ms Judith Thompson
  10. Ms Sue Bremner

A meeting to appoint office bearers was held on Monday 3rd October at 6.30pm

The first regular business meeting of the new council was held on Monday 10th October at 7.00pm. Both meetings in the Cruickshank Room, Victoria Halls