Selkirk Community Wind Turbines

Proposals for a large wind farm sited north of the town were first put forward in August 2007 at a public meeting, when a show of hands signified approval to look into it. A further public meeting in 2009 combined with a ballot, monitored by SBC, confirmed that the proposals should be investigated further.
Selkirk Regeneration Company has now investigated the issues and has proposed three options, one on land to the north of the town, and two on common land to the south.
These proposals are now the subject of a further public consultation consisting of a series of exhibitions in village halls and in Victoria Halls.
Residents are also being invited to give their preferences, or to reject all options, via an independently administered postal vote. The result of the votes in favour of wind turbines will be used to guide the development of an application for planning approval.
Selkirk Regeneration Company presented its proposals to the Community Council on 13th February. The Community Council fully supports the endeavour.
Information on the proposals can be obtained on the web site


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