As a result of advised absences ahead of our October meeting the next meeting of the Council will be held on Monday November 11th at 7.00pm in the Victoria Halls, Selkirk.

We apologise for any inconvenience.




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Draft minutes (awaiting approval at next meeting):

September 2019 draft minutes.doc


Approved minutes:

July 2019 minutes.doc

June 2019 minutes.doc

May 2019 minutes.doc

April 2019 minutes.doc

March 2019 minutes

February 2019 minutes.doc

January 2019 minutes.doc

December 2018 minutes.doc

November 2018  minutes.doc

October 2018 minutes.doc

September 2018 minutes.doc

July 2018 minutes.doc

June 2018 minutes2.doc

May 2018  minutes.doc

April 2018 minutes.doc

March 2018 minutes.doc

February 2018 minutes.doc

January 2018 minutes.doc

December 2017 minutes.doc

November 2017 amended minutes.doc

Finance meeting minutes 18th September 2017.doc

Localities Bid fund meeting November 2017.doc

September 2017 minutes.doc

August 2017 minutes.doc

August 2017 inaugural meeting of Selkirk Community Council.doc

June 2017 minutes.doc

May 2017 minutes.doc

April 2017 minutes doc

March 2017 minutes.doc

February 2017 minutes.doc

January 2017 minutes.doc

December 2016 minutes.doc

November 2016 minutes.doc

September 2016 minute.doc

August 2016 minutes.doc

July 2016 minutes.doc

June 2016 minutes.doc

May 2016 minutes.doc

February 2016 minutes docx

January 2016 minutes docx

December 2015 draft minutes.doc

November 2015 minutes.doc

September 2015 draft minutes.doc

August 2015 minutes.doc

July 2015 minutes.doc

June 2015 minutes amended.doc

May 2015 minutes-1.doc

April 2015 minutes.doc

March 2015 minutes-1.doc

 February 2015 minutes.doc

January 2015 minutes.doc

December 2014  minutes.doc

November 2014  minutes.doc

October 2014  minutes.doc

 September 2014  minutes.doc

August 2014  minutes .doc

July 2014 minutes.doc

June 2014 minutes.doc


April 2014 Minutes.doc

March 2014 minutes.doc

February 2014 minutes.doc

December 2013 minutes.doc

November amended minutes.doc

October 2013 amended minutes.doc

August 2013 minutes.doc

July 2013 minutes.doc

June 2013 minutes.doc

May 2013 minutes.doc

April 2013 minutes.doc

March 2013 minutes.doc

February 2013 minutes.doc

January 2013 Minutes.doc

December 2012 minutes doc

November 2012 minutes.doc

October 2012 minutes.doc

September 2012 minutes.doc

Minutes August 2012.doc

Minutes July 2012.doc

Minutes June 2012.doc

Minutes May 2012.doc

Minutes April 2012.doc

Minutes March 2012.doc

Minutes February 2012.doc

Minutes January 2012.doc

Minutes December-2011.doc

Minutes November 2011 .doc

Minutes October 2011.doc

Minutes September 2011.doc

Minutes August 2011.doc

Minutes_July 2011.doc

Minutes June 2011.doc

Minutes May 2011 .doc

Minutes April 2011 .doc

Minutes March 2011 .doc

Minutes February 2011.doc

Minutes January 2011 .doc

Minutes December 2010 .doc

Minutes November 2010 .doc

Minutes October 2010 .doc

Minutes September2010 .doc

Minutes August 2010.pdf

Minutes July 2010.pdf

Minutes June 2010.pdf

Minutes May 2010 .doc

Minutes April 2010.pdf

Minutes March 2010 .doc

Minutes February 2010.doc


Minutes December 2009.doc

Minutes November 2009.pdf

 Minutes October 2009.doc

Minutes September 2009.doc

Minutes August 2009.doc

 Minutes July 2009.doc

Minutes May 2009.doc

Minutes April 2009.pdf

Minutes March 2009

Minutes February 2009.pdf

 Minutes January 2009.pdf

Minutes December 2008.pdf

Minutes November 2008.pdf

Minutes October 2008.pdf


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